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So you want to learn how to take sharp photos. This article will give you some digital photography tips that will teach you how to exactly that. First, let’s look at the reason your photos aren’t as sharp as you would like.

There are many reasons photos don’t end up being take sharp photos.

1. You focused poorly – This is a very common reason photos end up blurry. Improper focusing can lead to blurry shots. The best way to ensure your shot is focused is to manually focus the picture yourself. It can be hard at first, but you’ll be getting better in no time. The problem with auto focus is that it is really annoying. You’ll be about to take the picture and push down the shutter and it has to automatically focus before.

2. Incorrect Shutter Speed – An incorrect shutter speed will make your photos blurry. The reason is simple, a long shutter speed gives your camera more opportunity to move and blur the shot. If you move the camera during the exposure, there will be blur. No question about it. The only way to solve this is to use a tripod.

So, how do you make to take sharp photos?

Well, I already said one very easy way. Use a tripod! Tripods make your camera stay put and eliminate shaking and camera movement. Another way to take sharper photos is to be sure you focus properly. Before taking a picture, zoom in all the way to your subject and focus the subject from there. Then, after the subject is focused, zoom out to the shot you like and take the picture.

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